Hubbard Radio Interviews Stan Cottrell

Stan joins Kelly from Hubbard Radio in Phoniex, Arizona, to discuss his 100 day run from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. Stan is embarking on this massive journey to raise money for several charities, and to spread hope, kindness, and friendship.
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Announcer : [00:00:00] US kids, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Ad Council,

Kelly: [00:00:03] It’s Kelly focusing on more tomorrow, your guide for the program as we are joined here by Stan Cottrell, Guinness World Record Holder and ultra long distance runner. Stan, thank you very much for the time today.

Stan: [00:00:16] It’s great to be with you and that you’re part of the world. You’re all very important out there. You fill up a very important piece of a piece of land there.

Kelly: [00:00:27] Well, I appreciate that. Happy to be contributing here. So let’s focus, though, on you and all the exciting things that you’re up to. Stan, your 78 years old, and you’re about to embark on a 100 day, 3000 plus mile run from L.A. to Washington, D.C., for the amazing friendship run United America with hope, health and friendship. So let’s first start, like I said with you, what is it about running that you love so much?

Stan: [00:00:55] Well, thank you for asking that. One of the key principles of living a successful life is discover what you do well and do more of it. I discovered when I was five years old that I could run. I could you know, I didn’t know anything about sports or anything like that or any if anything, I just knew that I could run. And as a small child of farmers would come and ask my dad, we need to borrow your boy to chase down a mueller cow that he’d taken. And I’d miss the school bus two to three mornings a week then daddy say, well, if you can’t get your work done, you better start moving around to school. And one thing that I’ve had the opportunity to help millions of children, the United States and these little kids that on the edge of their seats, they go, no. Oh. And I chased a rabbit one time when I was four for five hours. I was seven years old and caught the little rabbit. And it’s amazing in that the little things that start out, look at it now. It’s grown into something that for the last 40 years I’ve been running across nations, 40 of them, and that many times to the same ones. And the running has taken me all over the world. So what I try to encourage people to discover what you do. Well, the world needs it. And each each person is uniquely gifted and talented in some area.

Kelly: [00:02:17] Stan Cottrell, Guinness World Record Holder and ultra long distance runner right here on Valley focus. So we have a bit of your background here running since age of five and chasing rabbits. Congratulations on the patients you had chasing one down for five hours. But you also said that you also said that running has taken you all over the world. So when you kind of put that into context in perspective, what do you feel sticks out to you most about those accomplishments that you’ve had as a runner throughout the world?

Stan: [00:02:50] Well, it’s the big thing that strikes me is running just like a smile and extending your hand of friendship. It’s a universal language because within every person there is a little channel that wants to come out and play. And just as a for instance, I ran this one this one country one time. And here is all the cabinet members that came out to run with me and government officials. And it just started a rainstorm and we were all just running it in, let little kids just jump in puddles and just splashing and all this other kind of things. And here was a president of a country out running with me, and we were all just kids. And it’s a powerful communication tool. And when we play together, we build a bridge, a heart bridge, and and we come together in heart and spirit and we’re able to break down walls that divide one human heart from another and find out not what is so different about ourselves, but how similar we all are. And the way I look at it, there’s only about a one percent difference in any culture and culture. There’s certain certain things that different cultures will do. But when it comes down to a human being, we all are created from the same place and we all deal with the same things. Language might be different, but the themes are the themes are very consistent.

Kelly: [00:04:28] This particular friendship run is sponsored in part by AmnioFit in 360 clinic with the race fundraising. Multiple charities like the Friendship Sports Association GoVet Foundation, Larger Than Life, WLOC clothes for kids, Feed the Children, Hope for Families, Multiple Sclerosis Foundation and Tongue Out. So to you, Stan, why run from L.A. to D.C. and why do it all for charity?

Stan: [00:04:56] I think that the charities. The charity begins at home and there’s so many wonderful organizations, yes, we have there’s those big, big name charities that that raises billions and billions of dollars a year. But there’s a there’s a world of of of organizations that are making a big difference in small communities and that need a helping hand that just just anything from them would just be an internal blessing. You take for instance, you mentioned the name there. That’s from the county where I was born and raised, and that is one of the poorest counties in the United States. Think about this, 40 percent of our children went through the winter without even a coat. And I was a product of that environment. I came from that environment. And I know what it is to just be freezing your little person, your little self to pieces during that winter time, just shivering away. Well, we. That’s just one, but but the thing of it is all these various charities that we’re talking about, these wonderful, wonderful people that are committed to excellence, and I want to be able to support them and to be able to do something that will be a blessing in the running is what I think Will and people come out. And I like to think, especially after the year that we’ve gone through, that this is even more meaningful that we’re opening up our doors were pulling back the window shades and we’re seeing it. The spirit of America is alive and well. And it’s we’re coming out of our houses and we’re going out on the streets and we’re going to run and we’re going to make a joyful noise stand.

Kelly: [00:06:46] Catrell Guinness World Record Holder, as well as ultra long distance runner, chatting about his upcoming journey from L.A. to Washington, D.C. for the amazing friendship run stand. When does the journey begin for you and when specifically will you be in Arizona on

Stan: [00:07:03] The eight o’clock? Well, I think it’s eight o’clock, Abdulahi. I want to start the morning. I’ll finish at 6:00 at night, but we start excellent. A couple of days from now. May the 7th. That’s my birthday. I’ll be 78 years old. Happy birthday to me. Anyway, this will be my third run across the United States and I’m thinking I’ll be and should be in Arizona somewhere around the 12th to the to the. Yeah. The 12th or 13th. 14TH through those days there. And you folks that are listening, listen, you might not come out to run with me. Some of you may be staying on side of the road. You pass me by, blow your horn up. Let’s just wave. Let’s just have a good time. And what we the way it starts, it’ll just build. And I’ve already received so many encouraging phone calls from from people there in Arizona, from the well known to some of you to say noble notes like, well, well, they’re going to know about you when we come through. And we’re going to be like, need your help. Nature, friendship, nature, support, nature, prayers. And let’s let’s I can’t run my race without you. Nobody can run the race alone. So we all went together. And I hope you all are listening to me in this matter, because those of you that stay behind and I pastor, we all share in this victory equally and equally alike. What is dramatic in it.

Kelly: [00:08:33] Oh, absolutely. And upcoming to you. Happy birthday as well. You’ll be celebrating around here in Arizona, but you talk about needing support from the community. How can people support you? What are the various different ways, whether it is coming and watching you run through, whether it is through financial donations, what are all the different ways that people can support the amazing friendship run?

Stan: [00:08:58] Well, I and some people are going to go, oh, lord, is this some kind of religious thing? No, but I do not discount the power of prayer. So if if you say your prayers, I would appreciate if you remember me in your prayers, I don’t remember you in the practice is not going to hurt either one of us. And and then I have a website there, Friendship Sports Association Dog, Friendship Sports Association dog. And I think that that’s a humdinger of a website. You all might want to just take a look at it. And there’s just all kind of motivating and little things in there that you’d like to take a look at and see what we’re all about.

Kelly: [00:09:41] Well, one more time on that website, Stann

Stan: [00:09:43] Friendship Sports Association dot org and sorry,

Kelly: [00:09:49] Go ahead.

Stan: [00:09:49] And, you know, we have and yes, here’s the other thing. I mean, I mentioned this. I mentioned this even even yesterday to somebody. And it just came to me. How many times do we take this change out of our pocket? We’ll throw it over in a box or somewhere or throw it in a drawer. Every there’s no such thing as a wasted effort and little old things that I mean, my goodness, you put a dollar goes a long way. And what we’re doing every every penny counts. And yes, we there’s no saying we have back home. Love makes the world go round, but it takes money to grease the wheels. And so you can help us out that way. A little bit of axle grease the wheels and also help us to do what is what we feel is a mandate on our lives. And that’s it’s not about us. It’s it’s the thing I look at. A selfish dream will not sustain itself, but the more your dream touches the lives of other people, the greater the greater success, the greater chance that dream is going to have being fulfilled. We have a special mission. We have a special dream, and that’s helping those helping those that are not as fortunate. And so it’s about it’s about love, love, love of our country, love of our fellow citizens. And we can we can make a difference. And and you say, well, I have so little there’s nothing I can do wrong. Answer your prayers, your finances, your influence and all of the things. Everything matters.

Kelly: [00:11:35] Well, stand from a logistical standpoint, getting from L.A. to Washington, D.C., how many miles are you hoping to run per day and how did you decide how to break up the run?

Stan: [00:11:48] Well, when I first ran in 1980, I set the world record of I’m like, gosh, I set the world record in 68 average, 66 miles a day. That was 41 years ago. Well, my parents, Mother Nature and Father Time said you’re not going to run 66 miles a day, but I can’t dig 30 miles a day. And that’s the end, you know, for a 78 year old person. I think there’s a lot of things that go along with that. I’ll be 100 days, 30 miles per day. And the underlying thing is that the theme is get moving, America. And and just moving is going to make you healthier. You’re going to feel better. And I’m talking about I’m not talking about going out and hurting. I’m just talking about, say, walk five minutes in one direction and turn around and walk back five minutes. My goodness. It’s like a world of difference. And got the same to get your character here to go out and run 30 miles a day. Surely America that’s the underlying message is, well, that I really can get out and and walk for five or 10 minutes and it’ll make a world of difference.

Kelly: [00:13:08] Stan Cottrell, Guinness World Record Holder and ultra long distance runner right here on Valy focus. When you’re feeling tired and fatigued and the muscles feel like they can’t go anymore, how do you push on?

Stan: [00:13:22] Oh, I love you, girl, for asking that question. It’s it’s my theme. But the human life when I think I can’t go on any further and all the fuel is gone, I cry out five more minutes, five more minutes. And I find that that that putting it on that extra five minutes has been many times in my life the difference between victory or defeat. And so whenever you think you can’t go on any further, just call out, cry out five more minutes. And it’s like a world of difference.

Kelly: [00:13:58] As I mentioned, this friendship run sponsored by Aminov Fit and 360 Clinic, helping to raise money for multiple charities like the Friendship Sports Association Gavette Foundation larger than life w glossy clothes for kids, feed the Children, Hope for Families, Multiple Sclerosis Foundation and Tongue Out, as Stan here is going to go one hundred days, 3000 plus miles from L.A. to Washington, D.C.. So stand one more time before I let you go here and get training and get hydrated and all that you need to do to get yourself prepared. How can people continue to support your efforts? And what’s a great website to learn more?

Stan: [00:14:36] Ok, Friendship Sports Association, Dog, Friendship Sports Association, dog, and would be proud to hear from you and who knows, this could be the start of something really extraordinary, not only as far as the run, but people to people one on one. And there’s a child out there that is feeling hopeless. This feeling that nobody cares, that goes to sleep at night crying his little heart out and just not understanding all these different things that’s taking place in the world. But we can bring hope. And that’s the role of leadership in every one of us has a responsibility and bring in the leadership, bringing the vision back, bringing America back. And and it’s not only for now, but we’re impacting the future. And I always tell people, yes, let’s acknowledge a place, let’s celebrate the present. But together, let’s acknowledge the future in this run is a very phenomenal way to do precisely that. We need you. I thank God for you.

Kelly: [00:15:44] Laughs Well, thank you very much for being an inspiration to all of us today and for what you’re about to do over a course of 100 days, 3000 plus miles and all the work for the charities that you’re supporting. So thank you, Stan. Thank you for your time and happy birthday and best of luck on this journey.

Stan: [00:16:03] Ok, all right. Continued into picture continues there.

Kelly: [00:16:08] Absolutely. Thank you very much. Once again, that’s Stan Cottrell, a Guinness World Record holder.

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