Meet Stan Cottrell

From Humble Beginnings To Around The World & Back

Stan Cottrell doesn’t fit the mold but is an example of what a mold should be. His background includes being a college instructor, pharmaceutical executive, International VP of Business Development, and CEO of an international bio-technical /environmental firm with offices in 35 countries.

His two books and nine movies chronicle incredible treks across nations and warm friendships developed from the unknown to the well-known, from palaces to the White House. In 1984 he founded Friendship Sports Association, an outreach using Sports, especially ultra-distance “Friendship Runs.” Augmented with related health, fitness and cultural events and humanitarian outreach, these initiatives have served as a powerful communicator to open doors which cross cultural and political boundaries.

“If I can get up and move at 78, everyone in American can, too!”


An award winning, world renowned, ultra-distance runner, Stan has run more than 250,000 miles through 40 countries. In 1980, he broke the prior Guinness World Record for his 3,103.5-mile Trans-USA run in 48 days. Among other feats, he completed a 3,500-mile run through 12 European countries, a 2,125-mile run from the Great Wall to Guangzhou in China in just 53 days, a 486-mile run from Hanoi to DaNang in 1988 (pre-Normalization), a 500-mile “Freedom Run” from the Brandenburg Gate in East Berlin to Warsaw, Poland, and runs through Korea (twice), Dominican Republic (twice), Jamaica (twice), Bulgaria (3 times), Crimea, Cambodia, Ethiopia and many others.

Stan has received over 300 awards from U.S. government agencies, foreign governments, and nationally recognized service organizations for promoting international goodwill and the U.S. image abroad. Among his many other honors is the exclusive “HAFL” award, the Healthy American Fitness Leaders Association Award, the “Oscar of Fitness.”

A powerful motivational speaker with extensive background in all phases of corporate and entrepreneurial life, he uniquely translates his message of success and inner strength from his life to his listeners. He is immanently believable. His authentic ability to connect with his audiences inspires them to run the race their hearts dream of.

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