Meet The Team

Abigail Aboitiz is an experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of success. She is a clear strategist who thinks big and is comfortable with accountability and capable of executing at the highest level. Abigail is a unique asset in that she consistently identifies and engages the industries brightest minds in her vision for a higher level of care delivery with a mission to help everyone to take control of their health. She has diversified interests in and around healthcare, fitness, beauty, medical technology & logistics with businesses spanning 32 countries. As the founder of Advanced Wearables Inc, 247 Health Solution & AMNIOFIT, she is focused on managing the evolving landscape of healthcare and health & wellness for aging communities. Using cutting edge technology, healthcare professionals and awareness Ms. Aboitiz is changing the healthcare management empowering everyone to take ownership of their health, make small changes in their daily lives and avoid catastrophic events. It is her vision to create a healthy global collective for the betterment of mankind.

Dr. La Marca has been in Healthcare Informatics for the more than a decade focusing on EMR implementation, training and innovation. At Prime Healthcare, Dr. La Marca served as the Training Director training thousands of employees and providers during multiple rollouts. After leaving his post at Prime, Dr. La Marca has moved on to consulting for multiple large hospitals and hospital systems in the United States and Canada while working with Accenture, Deloitte, HCi, Divurgent and other leading consultancies. His ability to discover unique and innovative solutions to complex problems is what sets him apart in the industry. Seeing the big picture while monitoring the details and leading his team with consistency are his trademarks. As a solutions architect, he is able to help organizations realize their objectives using cost-saving measures which are scalable. Currently, Dr. La Marca has partnered with esteemed serial entrepreneur, Abigail Aboitiz at 247 Health Solution. Together using technology, education and awareness, Remote Patient Monitoring will be brought to the forefront of healthcare. Enabling people around the world to be cognizant of their vitals in real-time with the oversight from healthcare professionals and learning to make small changes in their daily lifestyle will prevent needless and costly visits to urgent cares and emergency rooms. His goal is to reduce the number of avoidable catastrophic events as much as humanly possible.

Martin Kupper is a certified business coach and consultant who is committed to assisting individuals and organizations with developing and implementing successful growth initiatives that produce powerful results and significant return on investment both personally and professionally.

Martin is the founder of Personal Playbooks, a marketing and business development company that brings innovative projects, people and capital together for personal and business acceleration and growth.

Proven, agile business professional with over 20 years experience in executive management , healthcare operation,  clinic management and highly  skilled in building things from ground up to something remarkable and profitable. A collaborative problem solver with refined techniques identifying the root cause of issues and translating complex processes into clear, actionable steps for resolution in a rapidly changing environment. Passionate leader who consistently meets commitments with integrity.

She  started her career in medical staffing agencies for hospitals , doctors office , clinics, long-term care , skilled nursing facility , plastic and ophthalmology.

Prior to pioneering AmnioFit Wellness Janice opened six successful clinics in seven years followed by a surgery center. Guided with passion and commitment to enhancing health and wellbeing she believes no problem is too big to be solved, there’s always a solution.

Dr. Ross’s experience makes him ideally placed to assume a central role within AmnioFit.  He has been actively involved in stem cell research and usage for over 10 years.  Dr. Ross was officially appointed vice chairman of Stem Cell Assurance, in 2010 where he developed a national physician network designed to provide medical and cosmetic procedures and cell banking to individual clients.

Dr. Ross currently holds a professional position at Envision Eye Specialists at four locations in Florida.  He is licensed in the states of Ohio, Arizona, Indiana and Florida.  He obtained his medical degree from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio and completed a fellowship in ophthalmic and facial cosmetic reconstructive plastic surgery at the University of Arizona under renowned Preceptor Robert M. Dryden, M.D.

Tuan Nguyen has over 30 years of experience in customer care and starting/managing all facets of operations for companies of various sizes from 50 – 1,000 employees. Tuan is currently the Founder and President of Eteleconnect, Inc. (“ETC”), a back office outsourcing company with offices in the U.S. and Phillipines, where he is directly responsible for building the company from a start-up to a multi-million dollar business with 1,000 employees and 3 call center offices. Prior to ETC, Tuan served as President of Operation for iTouchpoint, LLC where he built the company from start-up to over 1,000 employees, with annual revenue of $25 million with major telecom customers including AT&T Mobility, Verizon, and Sprint PCS to name a few. Tuan holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Cal State Los Angeles with a major in Marketing.

Daniel Valenzuela is a lifelong public servant, professional firefighter,  entrepreneur, and former elected official.  

Daniel, a professional firefighter of 18 years, is owner of Valenzuela Venture, a company focused on  helping to make healthcare more accessible and equitable through technology and innovation. 

In 2011, Daniel successfully ran for the Phoenix City Council. His campaign platform was based on  community engagement, health and safety, education, and small business development. Daniel  Valenzuela led one of the greatest grassroots efforts in Phoenix political history, which resulted in more  than doubling the overall voter turnout from the previous city election, in addition to raising Latino voter  turnout by nearly 500%. Valenzuela’s historic election was featured in a March 2012 Time Magazine  Cover Story.

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