NBC 12 News: Meet The Real Life Forrest Gump

Come meet the real life inspiration for the iconic Forrest Gump, as well as international celebrities and more. Be part of one man’s incredible endurance as he spreads hope, faith, and friendship.
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Fox 10 News: Stan’s Cross Country Journey

Stan Cottrell stops in Phoenix, Arizona during his 100 day run from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. Council member Laura Pastor, declared today as official “Stan Cottrell Day”.

TAFR Day 5: Managing Pain

Today’s podcast explored pain and management of it. Dr. La Marca and Dr. Emenike discussed newer methods to treat pain from different levels. The real definition of pain is just stimulus. If we approach it as such, we have a better chance to handling it more efficiently. What can the average person do to manage large amounts of physical and mental stress? Age is indeed just a number but it is the power of the mind that makes a difference. The long distance running is truly a mental battle.

Help make a difference in someones life

Charitable donations help more than you can imagine. The downstream effect of a donation as small as 10 dollars can mean the difference between a child eating or going to sleep hungry for days.