Stan’s Health Regimen
The Ultimate Fitness Plan of Attack

Stan’s Health Regimen
The Ultimate Fitness Plan of Attack

Stan’s Health Regimen
The Ultimate Fitness Plan of Attack

Hey, thank you very, very much for following me on this massive journey of this 100-day run across America.. 

For those that don’t know, my name is Stan Cottrell. I’m a long distance runner, and I’ve been doing it all my life. 

However, over the last two decades, people have asked, “How is it possible to run that distance, while you’re continually aging?”

Well, as it turns out, I just celebrated my birthday on May 7th. I am now 78 years old. 

I’d like to tell you that over the last two decades, it’s been because of a VERY, VERY, specific regimen. 

Of course, great food combined with a great amount of sleep is very, very important. Not to mention, exercise is also equally important. 

However, there is a third missing component found in many athletes around the world. And that’s the proper supplementation and use of technology. 

Over the last couple of decades, I identified what I was doing and what kept me at top-peak performance. 

The five different products and services that Listed below are those VERY, VERY ones that I use on a daily basis —  AND keep me as strong as a 28 year old, NOT a 78 year old! Thank you very much for following along. 

Again, my name is Stan Cottrell, and I really do hope that you follow me along this 100-day journey. 

Thank you and God bless

BEMER devices stimulate and increase blood flow to healthy muscles for improved performance and recovery. Enhanced local circulation is achieved by delivering a patented therapeutic signal using a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) technology. This ensures muscles are supplied with ample oxygen and nutrients. In addition to these benefits, BEMER also supports stress reduction, relaxation, and sleep management. BEMER devices are safe, non-invasive, and easy to use, allowing you to improve your health in just 8 minutes.*

Nuku Hiva is a unique formula of noni that combines ancient wisdom and science to enhance the body’s immunity and overall health. Packed with iridoids, phenolic compounds, and phytonutrients, Nuku Hiva is among the best and most nutritious supplements to help make sure your body and mind stay in peak condition.

Nitric oxide research was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998. With thousands of published studies since then, nitric oxide research has expanded our understanding of its importance. In addition to oxygen and carbon dioxide, nitric oxide is considered one of the human body’s essential gases. Cardio Miracle is formulated to stimulate nitric oxide production. With over 50 ingredients, Cardio Miracle gives you a health boost in each delicious serving.

MagneSport is a positively-charged, ionic mineral solution infused with our proprietary blend of Arnica and Essential Oils. Designed for athletes and active adults, MagneSport works synergistically with the human body to positively affect energy levels and muscle function for peak performance.

Kertalis is made up of thousands of protein chains called Peptides, which are signaling molecules that direct cell activity. In addition to significantly reducing joint and back discomfort by regenerating healthy cartilage, this wonder product assists the body in noticeably reducing the inevitable signs of aging, promoting better, deeper sleep, and restoring your radiant beauty by rejuvenating the skin.

Wearing HOKA is a feeling unlike any other. Enhanced cushioning and a meticulously-engineered midsole provide a unique ride: one designed to be smooth, soft and efficient. And we are always thinking up new ways to make movement more fun, more purposeful, and more empowering. Click below to learn about the technologies that make HOKA footwear one-of-a-kind.

When you slip into the AmnioFit Powersuit you may experience the benefits of electrical muscle stimulation. With electrodes that amplify the development and strength of myofibrils in 10 major muscle groups, this suit has the power to enhance your work out routine with every exercise you do.

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